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About us

Our main field of activity is the development of individually tailored business-solutions. In this area we can look back on more than 20 years of development-experience - know-how that builds the basis of all our projects.

Our solutions might as well include analysis, extending and migration of existing systems (i.e. a technically antiquated DOS-based system) into an up-to-date relational database-system.

The functionality of your solution will be the result of the requirements that were determined during the analysis of your business, its current data-structure and the jointly fixed capabilities.

We offer solutions that are customised for your special requirements, using and exploiting the latest techniques and technologies while ensuring future extendability.

Our solutions always include the complete, extensively documented source-code so that - in case our relationship comes to an end - another developer may find quickest possible access to the then existing software - its code, its structures and methods. This ensures that necessary extensions or modifications will still be feasible and will not have your business come to a point of sudden interruption or even a complete stoppage.

And - last but not least - our company's name reflects our philosophy. Applying rigorous ergonomical stipulations you will experience that getting into the new software that we supply you with is eased up by means of intuition.